ICCA Congress 2023

Eight of our GainingEdge Experts will be at ICCA Congress this year.

11 Nov
1500-1800hrs: ICCA Chapter Leaders Retreat (Jane)
12 Nov
ICCA Day 1
0930-1130hrs: ICCA Asia Pacific Chapter meeting (Jane)
13 Nov
ICCA Day 2
09:30-11:00hrs: Sharing Hubs 1 (Loren, Nigel, Mike, Jane, Gary)
10:00-11:30hrs:  CNCC2 site visit to Centara Grand & Bangkok Convention Centre (Mark)
11:00-11:30hrs: Incredible Impact Campfire Session #1 – How to Incorporate Inclusion (Loren)
12:00-12:30hrs: Incredible Impacts Campfire Session #2 – Starting your Sustainability Journey (Loren)
14:15-14:45hrs: ICCA Best Marketing Award (Jane)
15:30-17:00hrs: BestCities Global Alliance Get Together (Loren, Nigel, Tia)
14 Nov
ICCA Day 3
07:45-09:00hrs: GainingEdge Knowledge Exchange (GE KEX) at ICCA Congress Bangkok (led by Jon, Gary and Mike). “Moving Forward in a Disrupted Meetings Industry”
09:00-10:30hrs: Sharing Hubs 2 ((Loren, Nigel, Mike, Jane, Gary)
10:30-11:00hrs: Incredible Impacts Campfire Session #3 – Madrid Challenge (Nigel and Loren)
13:45-14:15hrs: ICCA/BestCities Incredible Impacts Grant and Award (Loren, Nigel, Tia)
14:45-15:15hrs: Incredible Impacts Campfire Session #4 – Sarawak IJBEL – “From Abstract to Impact” (Gary, Jon) 15:00hrs: ICCA Best Marketing Awards Judges meeting (Jane)
15:15-16:45hrs: IACPO Education Workshop (Loren on panel)
15:30-16:30hrs: CNCC2 meeting with TCEB President at QSNCC. (Mark/Mike)
16:45-18:00hrs: GainingEdge @ ICCA Bangkok Get-Together
Wednesday, Nov 15ICCA Day 4
08:00-09:00hrs: The Iceberg Advisory Board Meeting #4 (Gary, Jane)
09:00-10:15hrs: Sharing Hubs close (Loren, Nigel, Mike, Jane, Gary)
1430hrs: End of ICCA Congress