Thessaloniki Convention Bureau (TCB) crossroads | Talks & Workshops

For the second consecutive year, the Thessaloniki Convention Bureau is holding TCB Crossroads, an initiative to provide local tourism industry executives and professionals with skills and resources to empower workers and grow businesses.

TCB Crossroads opens with dynamic Fireside chats with industry expert speakers, who will exchange views and thoughts with informed interlocutors and thus prepare the audience for what follows.

In the specially designed program that follows with three parallel hands-on workshops, participants gain access to specialized knowledge, modern methods and promotion tools, to create successful claims for the destination, strengthen entrepreneurship in conditions of uncertainty and develop leadership skills and team empowerment.

The initiative belongs to the Thessaloniki Convention Bureau, the only organization for the promotion and promotion of convention tourism in Northern Greece. Registration is required to participate.

Milos is one of the speakers for Fireside chats and will be speaking about “Intellectual Capital: A Key Source of the Destination’s Success”. He will also conduct a workshop with Thessaloniki meeting industry players on “How to Win the Business for Thessaloniki”.