GainingEdge Knowledge Exchange

GainingEdge Knowledge Exchange (GEKEX) is proud to present our 2024 IMEX Frankfurt edition together with Ottawa Tourism, Catalunya Convention Bureau and Goyang Convention & Visitors Bureau. We will be talking about Leveraging and Synergizing Sports and Business Events and TIDs: A potential source of DMO funding.


Once again, GainingEdge will be organising a GainingLeads session at IMEX Frankfurt 2024. Objective/Purpose:


In collaboration with #Meet4Impact and GainingEdge, with BESarawak as the Seed Fund Contributor, associations will delve into legacy building, purposeful planning, and impactful storytelling on 26-27 April. Gary Grimmer is one of the instructors.

3rd International Mobility Seminar

Gary Grimmer and Jane Vong Holmes are invited speakers in this Business Event Forum, gathering of the international business events communities (UMS Chapter).

ICCASkills CICS Course – Luxembourg

Milos Milovanovic is one of the instructors for this course along with Valentini Amarantidou, Director of Development and Partner of ARTION Conferences & Events.

Taipei MICE Forum

Jane Vong Holmes is one of the panelists at the Forum with the topic “How to Integrate CSR Concepts into Event Management” (NEW entry).