Miloš Milovanović

Miloš Milovanović has expertise in the activation and development of convention bureaus and destination marketing in emerging regions. He has over 15 years of experience in the meetings industry and has consulted many destinations around the world. His recent engagements include projects with national meeting destinations such as Denmark, Hungary, Italy, Jordan, Thailand, as well as with city convention bureaus in Brussels, Canberra, Florence, Istanbul.

At GainingEdge, Miloš is responsible for the development of research & analysis projects as Head of the GainingEdge Analysis & Research (GEAR) Department.

Miloš is author of the Destination Competitive Index, a global benchmarking tool for international convention destinations, published annually since 2018. He is also author of the Leveraging Intellectual Capital global report, aimed at identifying the relative strengths of destinations in terms of the presence of their local association executives who are leaders in the governing bodies of international associations.

Miloš joined GainingEdge in 2014 and prior to that he was the CEO of Serbia Convention Bureau where he was instrumental in its establishment and development.

Miloš has a diploma in Economics from the University of Belgrade and master’s degree from École Centrale Paris. In his previous career as marketing and project management specialist, he worked with universities, business associations, international donors and AID agencies creating a number of educational and training programmes in the hospitality and meetings industry.