Chloé Menhinick

Chloe joined GainingEdge in 2019, to lead the development of their new Association Consulting practice. Chloé has 17 years of experience of working in the Associations industry for both international professional and trade associations, providing leadership across all areas of association management and operations, membership, stakeholder engagement, communications and marketing. As GainingEdge’s lead consultant for its legacy projects with BestCities, MeetDenmark and VisitFlanders, Chloé has been a principal driver for the recent development of industry knowledge and capacity in strategic legacy planning, implementation and measurement, and is recognized as a key industry thought leader in the realm of meeting legacy.

As a globally recognised thought leader in the association sector, Chloé is a regular speaker on issues pertaining to membership, communications, sustainability and legacy and also regularly contributes to industry publications.

Chloe is a Board member of ESAE and ISLA and a member of the Board of Trustees for The Iceberg.