Intellectual Capital Snapshot and Research on Business Profiles

GainingEdge is engaged to develop a snapshot analysis of the intellectual capital of the city of Prague on the local leaders who are members of the governing bodies of international associations, as well as to provide business profiles of top 50 leaders from targeted sectors and business segments.  —- Prague, Czech Republic

Intellectual Capital Engagement

GainingEdge is engaged to conduct research and analysis of the intellectual leaders of Dubai and the UAE and, in addition, business profiles of 100 local thought leaders who can be engaged to bid for international conferences for Dubai will be delivered as well as bid intelligence for top 30 business leads. —- Dubai, United Arab… Continue reading Intellectual Capital Engagement

Intellectual Capital Engagement – Luxembourg Convention Bureau

GainingEdge conducted a research and analysis of the intellectual capital of Luxembourg and provided the data regarding local knowledge leaders who are members of governing bodies of international associations, in order to initiate a program of support their international engagement. —- Luxembourg

Richmond Feasiliby Project – Tourism Richmond

—- GainingEdge conducted a strategic assessment of the best investment opportunities for Tourism Richmond to pursue, based on its favourable net asset position. The study evaluated a long-list of initiatives identified in a previous consulting project, with the aim of identifying the top initiatives with the greatest potential. Richmond, Canada

Board of Directors’ Retreat Facilitation – Tourism Richmond

GainingEdge was engaged to facilitate Tourism Richmond’s board of directors’ retreat.  The session focused on prioritizing investment opportunities, and aligning the strategic plan to the annual business plan for the coming year. —- Richmond, British Columbia, Canada